How to control foreign real estate

When buying an apartment or a house on the seashore abroad, it is very difficult to manage such property from another city. Problems begin already from the moment when it is necessary to pay utilities, fees and taxes. In addition, no one canceled the cleanliness and order of maintaining a house or apartment.

In such cases, it is better to turn to apartment management professionals abroad.

How to control your assets abroad

For such purposes, there are special companies involved in the remote management of real estate. Developers or real estate agencies themselves offer this service.

Today, there are two ways to control housing remotely: – property management (PM) – the company is engaged in renting for an agreed percentage of the transaction; – facilities management (FM) – the company is responsible for the maintenance and direct maintenance of the property, receiving an agreed fee.

Rent out housing or leave it to wait for its owner to choose, of course, the owner of the apartment. It all depends on what goals the owner of the apartment sets for himself. If he wants to increase capital through real estate, then he can use the rental services, and if he wants to come to his home and feel that no one has violated the established procedures and the situation in the house, then it is better to turn to the services of a concierge service.

If you rent overseas property

It is well worth considering all the details to make such a decision. Renting a home has its pitfalls. The first of these will be the chance of damage to the apartment.

Employees of companies involved in renting real estate abroad can give a lot of examples of the condition of the housing after the tenants. These are wine stains on light-colored carpets, and broken dishes, damaged appliances, which unscrupulous tenants did not even bother to fix when renting an apartment or put the concierge service before the fact.

Property management in the absence of the owner

Happy owners of a house or apartment by the sea know perfectly well that it is impossible to enjoy beautiful sunsets and breathe in the sea breeze all year round. Summer will end sooner or later and you will have to leave, leaving your possessions alone with themselves. What way out do the owners of such real estate find, how do they monitor and control their property at a distance?

Firstly, you can contact the concierge service again. Helping to remotely manage the property, they can hire a cook, a cleaning company or a designer on demand to prepare the house for the owner’s arrival.
Secondly, you should draw up a notarized contract with the butler. It is worth indicating all the nuances and condition of housing, property when transferring the apartment to the manager. Of course, with all the services of various companies, you need to install CCTV cameras so that you can personally observe what is happening in the apartment.

You also need to get a good security system.


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