It happens. So I thought that candles, too much gasoline at gas stations of famous brands, came across wonderful. It seemed to warm up quickly, but it did not become hot. maybe it should be. You can immediately see the hand of an experienced fuel engineer, they just poured a little MTBE when they cooked 95 gasoline. The problem lies in updating the cartography. But I will list everything that I found in the car. Absolutely predictable movement, very delicate anti-skid work. There are RunFlat 3 generations. But there was no choice (((The fabric rules. So it’s too early to clean up your own TOMTOM in the closet (you can always update everything on the forum, as new products are released). Three for the driver, three for the rear passengers. More precisely, we first found the car we needed at a very good price in Pelican (well, it suited us more than in other salons). Nothing breaks, there are no glitches and bugs either, and Comrade X6 diesel drove five (.) times to the station. On MV, it is simply empty, in general, on its own, the machine itself. I took it in Moscow, drove 1000 km to the house on my own.

BMW Gran Turismo reviews

So I got to BMW. (One of the previous commentators jinxed it, probably). So I didn’t see much of a difference. And then everyone knows what happened. Well, what! My friends – I managed to grab 3GT before the New Year. at a relatively old price! It makes no sense to write about the agony of choice. ENGINE is beyond
praise. From 10 to 14 liters (if you drive all the money). True, I still bought the compressor. NAVIGATION is as inconvenient and stupid as in other machines. Nothing breaks, there are no glitches and bugs either, and Comrade X6 diesel drove five (.) times to the station. The purchase history is as follows: huge discounts on cars in 2011, and since I take cars. more The purchase history is as follows: huge discounts on cars in 2011, and since I take the car for myself and think for a long time, I bought it. Every day I like cars more and more. Fuel consumption at 95 in the city from 13.3 to 13.8. In winter, it started up normally, even Webast practically did not use it. Only positive ones
emotions, despite the fact that I moved to a BMW from a Mercedes, I don’t see where the gelding is better than the behi. Remember how I consulted with you here? and by the way, you agreed this car with me, so if there are problems, you will help me with the whole world)))) The most difficult thing was to sell a penny. It’s very warm! Some kind of reactive seat heating: just turned it on – it’s already scrambled eggs. 03/14/2012 So I got to BMW. (One of the previous commentators jinxed it, probably). Now I can’t even remember exactly what is in the database and what is an option. On a good road, just a buzz. And it is difficult for me to sit in sports Cobra is right – you need to lose weight .. although now there is no point))) In short, ordinary ones. but with dignity. life .. gets out, leaves. like an airplane fender liner, the sound is about the same. True, I had a car in perfect order, but I still thought that they would underestimate it to the last, but everything was honest. That’s 22,000 km. Weather, traffic jams, etc. SALON. The back row is spacious, the most spacious I have ever seen. For a year and a half I dashed off almost – how. more The car is warm, the heating is reactive. Fuel consumption: about 15 liters in the city, how to drive on the highway. I don’t know how I will live. Absolutely beautiful and spacious. AUDIO SYSTEM HI-FI for four. After washing, it will be very scary to open in the cold. Inside, there are also as many as six llamas on the ceiling. Yes, and it’s a pity for the front – in the pits you can get a hard blow if you drive for all the money. And it seemed to me that even if instead of 116 they give us X5M in the new building, the wife will still not be happy. She took a liking to this car. The equipment is standard, plus a few extras. I never thought it would be so relevant (not foppery). Not very huge, but you can fold the seats when
Necessities. She would have a little higher ground clearance, so that it would be more comfortable in winter. Deep Purple. The steering wheel itself is heated. Not recognized as a guarantee. 24 tr. on the Internet. The heating button is made behind the wheel, it is almost invisible .. Interestingly, there are also lamps at the feet, near the door, and they illuminate the floor. And although the wife said that the GT was too big for the city, all her doubts were gone when we found out the price. Sometimes the back shakes a lot on bad roads and in a rut, even punched a couple of times. As long as it doesn’t break. freeway star. Again, I repeat: for our roads, you should not take wheels of a larger dimension. That’s how imperceptibly the second MOT crept up. But the difficulty was not in the price, not in the customers, but in our attitude towards it. Lack of door closers. Passengers are comfortable – like you are sailing on the waves, and the driver needs to take this factor into account so that you don’t catch your butt later. NOTHING. Blackmore’s famous solo. The rear air bags could be made even tougher. So we will endure. SUSPENSION is dense. By reliability. NOISE ISOLATION is good, despite the frameless doors. To be honest, I took from what was. Respect!3. The force applied to the door is much higher than on the MV and Audi (there are no door closers), so I slam harder than usual. I will say that the purchase was not easy. To describe breakdowns is not enough paper. But if you compare with Audi, then the audihi has phenomenal steering, when you feel everything! Everything seems to be fine on the BMW, but it won’t let you steer with one hand, you won’t relax. Starts with G and ends with O!, what is this? – Grand TurizmO!)))) – that’s the right answer! So I decided to tell you a little more about what the BMW 3GT is. Better than in the spear, because the menu is new and more competent. We discussed this car with you for a long time, we know all its pluses and minuses. 23.08.2012 Deep Purple. At 98 – about a liter less, but then how lucky. I changed the outer chrome moldings in the doorways (warranty, also from the second) – they were covered with brown spots. I often ride between cities and have never had a car better than this liner. The first
impressions, heavy as X6. but it looks better. TRUNK by 5 points. On the other hand, very good stability. Moreover, there are airbags at the back, and on bumps they begin to sway at high speeds. RAIN SENSOR is adequate, unlike MV For a year and a half I dashed off almost – how? And I don’t understand myself. The screen is far gone in development from the X6. For the first I gave 12 kopecks, for the second – 23 (including the replacement of candles). Another plus is that the car is not stolen. Let me remind you right away that I chose the car hastily. The car itself, what it has and what it doesn’t. Buttons on the steering wheel – I don’t like the buttons on the steering wheel.. but they are there and as always they are not the most convenient. The wife cried the last time she saw her. The ride can be compared with AUDI, but the comfort – no. During this time, I realized something and I can share a little first impressions, as well as compare with MV and AUDI.1. Very comfortable ride, and even this barn and rulitsya! Excellent sound insulation, cool dynamics, good light – both near and far. On a cold one, I trimmed (five-five?) the motor a little. That’s all. I changed the rear airbag: I ran into some nonsense, the nonsense played – and on the air spring. There are no more minuses. FROM THE MINUSES. All agreements were fulfilled, and rubber mats were also presented)))
take your child to hockey. GT element – long trips on good roads. During the operation, I found three screws, but calmly drove to the tire fitting and made the wheel. Blackmore’s famous solo. I can’t list everything exactly yet, because I didn’t figure it out myself. They tried to prove to me that play and knock are normal. The light is good everywhere. everything is fine here. Although the main task of the lower lamas is, after you stop to "powder your nose" on the track, to see if you stepped there))) The steering wheel is pleasant, thick. I just wanted it back in 2010, but it was a long wait, and Mercedes – here it is. Not rigid, as in Audi, but not downy pneuma, as in MV. P. more Therefore, what was available, then my wife (and she had to take the child to hockey) fell in love with it. You can sit cross-legged in the back! A lot of small glove compartments, which Audi and MV cannot boast of. The steering wheel is tight and seems to be stepped. I changed the steering rack (warranty), but on the second try. Like this. There were concerns about RunFlata. There was a choice to take a car (in another salon, with sports seats), but I have not lost weight yet. MANAGEMENT is not so unambiguous. The rings are losing. 12/27/2014 Well, what! My friends – I managed to grab 3GT before the New Year. at a relatively old price! It makes no sense to write about the agony of choice. Leather – I’m generally against the skin. It seems not bad, but there is a little lack of LOW frequencies, but the middle is very well accentuated and the top is nothing. I was afraid that the price of the car would be raised. The back never hurts and the arms and shoulders do not get numb. This is not advertising, you have known me for a long time, and how do I "soul" BMW managers here. but we got (for the first time in my autohistory) a very good manager – his name is Rafael, so if anyone needs it, I advise you to contact him. Trunk – The door opens and closes quite languidly. but this is a problem with all electric drives "Doors – they are frameless. The landing is comfortable. On a bad one, it strains a little, you involuntarily slow down. In general, I like the car. COMFORT. And, of course, your favorite WEBASTO.2 DYNAMICS. Not convinced. OTHER. But in order: Heated steering wheel – whether it works or not, I still don’t understand. And yes, it’s beautiful. No comments. There is a voice search, and a phone, and adjust the speed on the highway, and of course turn on the music. There are no special questions about driving: comfort, dynamics – everything is on top. But it heats up a lot and even for delicate fingers (those that have the wrong boys) can cause discomfort. //b||1342177279>>=1)c =c;return a>;q!=p We have been discussing this car for a long time. more I repeat from the previous review: the most necessary thing in this car is comfortable seats. Either love or hate, though on the road everyone is respectful. Then they began to wait for the GT. The buttons on the steering wheel are weird. There are not so many of them, the attitude towards it is only polar, no compromises. And there is no place to put. Even a repair kit. While driving from Moscow, twice I had to go to the side of the road covered with snow from the monsters rushing at your forehead. Well, it’s like if you drop something, it’s easy to find. More spacious than the X6 in every way. the dynamics are about the same as 116, which is definitely a plus. Backlight There is a backlight for the handles, they glow in the dark and it’s very beautiful (although useless). And in general, I have not yet seen ANY normal REGULAR navigation on ANY car. These (245/50 R18) are moderately soft, albeit with little damage to handling, but they swallow ALL holes without consequences. That’s 22,000 km. NO spare tire and dokatki. Under the gas tank cap, even the rubber band has eaten up a little. I handed it over to a trade-innn)))) and was pleasantly surprised that they gave me quite decent money for a car (with its mileage). Dynamics enough for the eyes in all situations. But we must pay tribute to the fact that the price remained a penny for a penny. For the first I gave 12 kopecks, for the second – 23 (including the replacement of candles). A 12" monitor with excellent graphics, a dashboard with a partial LCD display. (By the way, the new Audi also has a cool board). Tires (studded) are not audible, the engine is also silent, only in the high-speed zone there is a cool overtone, the wind is slightly audible, but it does not bother somehow. And a little better than in the "spear". 09/13/2013 That’s how the second MOT crept unnoticed. Excellent dynamics at ANY (unlike diesel tractor drivers) speeds in combination with an 8-box gives a lot of orgasm, especially in sport mode.