Asko home appliances

Asko is a well-known manufacturer of large household appliances in Europe. The collection of the Swedish brand includes washing machines and dishwashers, refrigerators, hobs of all types, ovens. In other words, everything you need for modern kitchens.

Asko home appliances

The manufacturer positions its equipment as the most practical – convenient and multifunctional household helpers. While the hostess is doing her favorite things, Asko household appliances are doing routine work – washing, cooking, washing, cleaning the air.

Asko washing machines

The idea of ​​designing a washing machine that would do everything by itself came to Karl-Erik Anderson in 1950. The engineer assembled the first automatic unit, which itself collected and heated water, rotated the laundry in the drum, and squeezed it out. This success marked the beginning of the development of the brand.

In Russia, the products of a European company are only gaining popularity. Asko appliances are produced in the traditional Scandinavian style. Its distinctive features are ergonomics, simplicity and rigor of forms, asceticism. Due to these characteristics, even large-sized equipment looks aesthetically pleasing.

Technique Features

Asko home appliances features

Today, well-known engineers and designers of Sweden are involved in the development and design of brand products. Collect products at company factories in Europe. Asko large household appliances are supplied to all EU countries and Russia.

Why technology is so popular all over the world:

  • Large set of programs and options. Many features start automatically. For example, the Asko oven will cook any pastry without difficulty. The user only needs to select and run the desired program.
  • Convenient and simple control system. You can figure out how to use the technique intuitively. If something is not clear, look at the instructions. It is necessarily attached to each copy of equipment from Asko. Brand support will answer any question and help you solve the problem.
  • Stylish design, ergonomics and practicality. Asko appliances look good in any interior, while taking up little space. For example, refrigerators are compact and at the same time good capacity. Asko oven, hob, dishwasher can be built into the kitchen set for greater aesthetics.